fredag 4. september 2009

Why am i sneezing today? Is it just because i have a small cold, or because i ate something. Future plan: stopping eating anything at all. Lets see if that cures the allergy! ;( xp

onsdag 2. september 2009

I forgot to say that i started a gluten free diet before this... well not 100% their yet. But that keeps my stomach so much better. I don't know if i have gluten intolerance. I don't think so. But i just feel better without it, that is for sure.xxp
I was feeling so good when i was in Greece. Hardly any sneeze attack (apart from some reaction to the aircon at night).
The moist air felt really good, and i ate mostly salads. Some sneeze and stuffy/runny sinuses after a couple of Pina Colada. DARN.
Back in Oslo now. Today i went to the hospital and they could tell me that i am booked in for an op on the 7th October.
Thank god! They are removing my polyps. Should make me breathe again, which is always good ;) xxp

mandag 17. august 2009

Like i mentioned earlier, i cant simply think "oh i just have a littlebit of milk" etc.. I just feel so bad. So i am officially back on being 100% good, not 90%..
Tomorrow i am going to Greece for a week. Loads of salads, SUN, diving and fun! xp

tirsdag 11. august 2009

i read this on a site. This guy has had nasal polyps for 25 years and had to have operation every once a year at one point.
Then he changed diet and he have not had an op. in 3 years. He seems to have the same food issues as me so i keep this here as a reminder. I also wondering that i might be allergic to rye.. will try to eliminate. xp

This is just a section from his site:

Only after lengthy experimentation I found the greatest improvement by avoiding all of the following:

YEAST - Avoiding bread improves my nasal symptoms. I was making my own bread with self raising flour for a while but found that the wheat worsened my asthma, although it made no difference to my rhinitis. If you take vitamin tablets make sure they are free of yeast and soya (cheaper brands often contain yeast).

DAIRY PRODUCE - avoid all dairy products initially (i.e. milk, butter, cream, cheese). I find that tinned evaporated and UHT (Ultra High Temperature) milk are no problem, since boiling destroys the allergy causing proteins.

SOYA - I avoid soya entirely.

SUGAR - I avoid all sources of sugar including cakes, biscuits and chocolate.

PEANUTS - I have recently discovered a peanut allergy. After eating peanut butter and fresh peanuts for 3 days, I had a nasty asthmatic reaction requiring steroids, although no nasal symptoms.

WHEAT & RYE - avoiding all wheat products including durum wheat semolina in pasta and rye (Ryvita) has certainly improved my asthma.
Cant believe i forgot that i ate pizza with wheat , of course, in the base. ;( I find it difficult sometimes to remember..:( ;(
Tasted some home made crisp bread that was not supposed to contain wheat. It was very good. Then i start sneezing 30 min later. I check the packs in the kitche, of what is put in there... and yeah.. that darn wheat sneaked in. It really made me annoyed since i had an amazing day with no sneezing and now this.. ;( xp